The Ultimate Laurel and Hardy Goody Bag

Listed below are the prizes that one lucky winner will win in our forthcoming contest... On The Trail Of Laurel and Hardy. It won't be a lucky draw with a random winner, you'll have to use your skill and Laurel and Hardy knowledge to win this one.

The competition will be launched during episode 1 of the Laurel and Hardy Podcast which is scheduled to air in January 2017.

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Here's what's inside The Ultimate Laurel & Hardy Goody Bag

Sons of The Desert Fez 
donated by Fez-O-Rama

Laurel and Hardy: The Magic Behind The Movies 
New Ultimate Edition Book by Randy Skretvedt
donated by Bonaventure courtesy of Randy Skretvedt

Laurel and Hardy - The Feature Film Collection 
DVD Boxset from NBCUniversal
    donated by NBCUniversal

    Laurel and Hardy: Spot On! 
    New Book and CD by Michael Ehret
    donated by Michael Ehret

    Laurel and Hardy: Their Lives and Magic 
    DVD from Andreas Baum
    donated by Andreas Baum

    Leroy Shield: Laurel and Hardy-The Original Piano Music 
    CD by Alessandro Simonetto
    donated by Alessandro Simonetto

    The Laurel and Hardy Legacy – Sitcom Stars Talk Stan and Ollie 
    Book by Barry Brophy
    donated by Barry Brophy

    A Years Subscription to The Laurel and Hardy Magazine

    donated by Rob Lewis

    The Making Of Stan Laurel: Echoes Of A British Boyhood 
    Book by Danny Lawrence
    donated by Danny Lawrence

    The Laurel and Hardy Bowler 
    Book by Willie McIntyre
    donated by Willie McIntyre

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